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Joining a sorority in college is a life-changing experience, but garnering an education is the top priority for Kappa. This is why each chapter is expected to maintain academic standards equal to or higher than their university’s or college’s all-sorority GPA. Additionally, each chapter establishes a GPA requirement for active members. 

If a Kappa struggles academically, we help her through it. The Academic Excellence Team meets with her to craft an improvement plan using study tactics and time management. We want each sister to leave college with what they came for: a degree.

Our chapter puts a strong emphasis on scholarship and we strive to encourage our sisters to achieve success inside in the classroom. We have a strong academics committee that assists our members who need academic support and guidance. The Vice President of Academic Excellence is head of the committee, along with an alumnae advisor, and a member from each class is elected to assist her. The committee councils with chapter members whom are struggling academically and they work together to create a personalized academic plan that fulfills their needs and steers them onto the path of success.  Our home consists of a study room, printer, and detailed study file system that offers notes, practice tests/quizzes, and old books for all majors/minors and our sisters are allowed to use them freely. Group study sessions are organized before midterm and final weeks to prepare and study with other sisters in your courses. 

All of our sisters encourage and motivate one another to improve our academics and focus upon our organization's high standards. As an organization we earned a 3.10 cummlative Grade Point Average in the Spring of 2015. All of our chapter officers remain high above a C+ average. Two of our graduating seniors Courtney Johnson and Katherine Pollastrini received a 4.0 in the Spring of 2015. And 20 of our 65 members earned their names on the Monmouth College Dean's List in Spring 2015.